What’s Your Wild?

stay wild

stay wild

What is Stay Wild? Are we just another save winter, eat lettuce, and find your inner self company? I don’t think so. Nothing against those three points (they are all very important), but we are different. I feel that we represent a culture and a feeling. A culture and a feeling that we all have inside of us, but sometimes lose sight of. It’s something you can’t always pin point or put a name on. Sometimes you forget it even exists until you’re in it, and then you find that moment where it all just feels right.



Stay Wild, to me, is remembering to take the time to connect with nature, exploring my passions, and doing what I love. It is far too easy to get caught up in the chaos of life. Step back and ask yourself, “What makes me the absolute happiest?” Now go do THAT! And don’t stop. Life is short – so breathe in every beautiful moment of it.


backcountry mountains

You know when you’ve had a day or weekend that you cannot stop thinking and smiling about? Those days happen for me whenever I am in the mountains – whether I am snowboarding, splitboarding, sledding, hiking, or biking.


My heart and mind are happiest and calmest when I am submerged in the mountains. This is the value and passion that Stay Wild carries with it. With each course and camp, we also strive to offer you that feeling of forgetting about the stresses of everyday life and focusing on the exact moment you’re in.



What Stay Wild means to me…


That feeling you get when you accomplish something you’ve worked so damn hard to achieve, made your cry (and doubt yourself) but you achieve it, reach it, touch it… Stay Wild.


That feeling you get when you’re in the mountains and that sensation takes over. You feel electric, tingly and know this is exactly where you’re meant to be… Stay Wild.


When you’ve had the best day ever with your friends and your cheeks hurt from smiling… Stay Wild.


That feeling when the snow is so deep you literally cannot breathe and need to stop to clear your airway… Stay Wild.


When you’re in the mountains and stop for a moment, thinking “holy am I lucky!”… Stay Wild.


The mornings you wake up to a surprise pow day, immediately call in sick, drive like a maniac to the hill with your favorite tunes pumping while singing as loud as your lungs are capable of… Stay Wild.


That feeling you get when the first snowfall of the year hits; Nothing can stand in your way; you’re superwoman that day… Stay Wild.


When you finally stick that drop that you’ve tomahawked off countless times year after year… Stay Wild.


When you nerd out in a snow pit and discuss the conditions with your crew and end up walking away from the desired line; Then you’re at home talking to your parents on the phone proud and happy of the decision you made … Stay Wild.


The feeling when you have been breaking trail, shoveling and have had so many stucks you’ve lost count …. and then… you MAKE IT –  to the untouched promise lands… Stay Wild.

No room for egos, intimidation, social labeling and discrimination. Just real, raw people, that are not always perfect, but embrace their mistakes and fight for what they love and desire. We share the passion and love for the mountains with one another. We will tell you exactly what we think and how we feel. We don’t hold anything back. We are true to ourselves, beliefs, but most importantly, true to one another.


It’s a culture and a feeling combined into one. It’s something we can’t describe, but it’s something we all desire and need to really allow us to live. Whether your Wild is in the mountains, ocean or city, find it and embrace it. My Wild is in the mountains. I am not a professional snowboarder or sledder; I go out and spend every moment I can in the mountains because that is my happy place. I am not trying to compete with anyone or be better than others; I am simply pursuing ‘my’ Wild.


My goal, through Stay Wild, is to share the lessons, knowledge and passion I have learned along the way. Perhaps we can share ‘our’ Wild with one another in the mountains.


What’s your Wild?


evening sunset above mountains