Summer time gear storage


I am always reluctant to admit that the winter season is over & it is time to put my gear away. I like to wait until mid summer when it is really hot out to finally accept that winter is over. With a global pandemic I am able to accept the facts a little earlier this year.

Below are some things to remember when we put away our winter gear.




Take your batteries out of your transceiver! 
Batteries can leak & corrode our transceivers over the summer months. Store your transceiver in its harness without any batteries in it.





Make sure all your gear has had a good chance to fully dry out before storing in bins. Goggles, probes, shovels, collapsable poles ect. Take them apart & lay them out to dry after your last ride. Give them a couple days to get good & dry before placing them into that summer storage spot that you will frantically forget about next season.


Summarize sled

Sled storage
Depending what model you have, you can look up in the manual (aka google) on how to summarize your sled. If your sled does not have summarization mode simply start your sled once or twice a month to get the oil flowing. Make sure to pour some fuel stabilizer in as well! Plus the 2 stroke will get you fired up for next winter!




Coltex skins

You know those annoying skin savers that blow around in the wind when you try to use them in the backcountry? Now is their time to shine! I make sure my skins are nice & dry before putting skin savers on & storing them.









Take radios & any other electronics off their chargers.






Washing Machines | Old-school washing machines with coin slo ...



Wash your stinky gear!
I don’t know about you but my gear does not smell like flowers by the end of the season. Follow the instructions on your outerwear & give it a good clean before it comes to life & attacks you in your sleep.





Those are a couple of the key points when storing your gear for summer. The countdown is on until the snow starts flying, in the mean time enjoy those 2 wheels & get some brown pow.