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pre season ski workout
How in the world do we prepare for the upcoming backcountry season? Snowboard workouts, ski workouts, sled workouts, oh my!
Sled workouts are aka throwing our back out by lifting heavy things that we have zero chance of moving.


The first day in the backcountry can feel like you got hit by a train.


In search of the secret sauce on how to get fit for winter? We may not have all the answers but we do have what works for us and a plan we can stick to. Read below for our workout plan that will set you up to be moderately ready for the ski / snowboard / sled / season ahead!
I don’t know about you but my peak productivity is from 8am – 11 am. Being a ‘morning person’ is great…. Fitting in work, exercise, meditation, stretching and all the other dang things before 11 am is challenging.


I try hard to force myself out of bed as early as I can.


A hot tip for any other early morning strugglers is:
Step 1:
set up timer on coffee maker
Step 2:
place coffee maker beside your bed
Step 3:
make some strong ass coffee, roll over and start your day


coffee mug

Mental prep

Get that brain shred ready

After crushing a black cup of tar I start my day. First off I clear my thoughts with either journaling or mediation.




Mental prep and mental health are equally as important as our physical health. We want to be calm, aware and alert of our changing surroundings in the backcountry. If I am tired, my thoughts are spinning or I am mentally not feeling great I change my backcountry plans. I want to go somewhere mellow that I don’t need to make big decisions.


On the days that I don’t have tons of time I go for a quick meditation or write out my one million thoughts in a scribble. A big part of my pre season winter prep is to spend some extra time on myself and mental health. I love the morning pages 3 page journaling technique to start my day.




Stretch it out

Whether you are rocking two plans, one or an engine between your legs your need to stretch that body out! I have gotten on the yoga every day program for the past 4 years and I don’t think I could go back. I feel about one thousand times better than old tight everything me.


I have a subscription for gaia and do 10 minutes a day. If you can squeeze in more do it!

Core, core and more core

Strengthen that core

As soon as they have new backs on the market I will be the first one to sign up for one!




You read it in all the things. Strengthen your core because it will make you a better skier, snowboarder, sledder and life will generally be better.. They promise all the things but honestly they are not wrong. If only I had listened sooner in my life!




I use the TRX training system. They have on demand workout on their website, I select the core workout and rotate through them. I do it 5-6 days a week leading up to winter. The TRX can hang up anywhere in your house and it is a great way to strengthen your core. Lots of the movements are similar to us hopping around on our sled, skiing pow or the rotation we require snowboarding.




It is a serious shoulder workout as well and they have full body workouts to rotate through. You can set it up in any doorway so I always throw it in my bag when I am on the road!


ski workout

Run it out or hike it out

Get that cardio pumping

What does skiing, snowboarding and sledding have in common? You need cardio! Yes all you haters even sledders need it.




I love running in the fall. And by love I mean a very slow trot that is slightly faster than walking. I try to choose areas that have hills to make up for my incredibly slow pace. In the fall I aim for cardio 4-5 days a week to get me ready for slogging those two planks through the deep days to come.




Fall time is also the ten out of ten time to go for a hike. Do you love dusted peaks, larches and small crowds? If the answer is yes get those two legs moving and hike up a mountain.


fall hiking


My second love is my bicycle

My thing is biking. It is ridiculously fun and a great way to sneak in those cardio sessions as well as give you a bump of adrenaline.




If biking isn’t your thing find whatever you love and do that! Having something you love doing is going to make this journey a whole lot more enjoyable.




Once the ground freezes and we legit hit the most depressing time of the year I put the ol whip onto a trainer. I grabbed this one from mec and it works great (ps don’t forget to buy the tire, talking from personal experience..). Toss on a ski, snowboard or sled movie and pedal your heart out. Let’s be real, I am watching Grey’s Anatomy crying my way through the workout. Who’s leaving who, who died, whose baby is it, so many questions. I recommend a drama filled show to help you forget you are pedaling in the same spot for an hour.



mountain biking

That’s it that’s all. We don’t hit the gym everyday (all the power to you if you do!). We find things that we enjoy to do and use that to prepare our bodies for the upcoming shred season.


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