Online learning

Learn anywhere at anytime from the comfort of your own home!


Stay Wild is pleased to offer new ways to learn with us this winter that will keep you safe from avalanches, virus’, murder hornets, and whatever else 2020 might send our way.

We’re pleased to offer the in-class portion of our Avalanche Safety Training 1 certification as an online course for the first time this year. We’re stoked about this development because it means you can take the in-class portion of AST 1 from the comfort of your home and join us for one physically-distanced field day whenever it works best for you! AST 1 is the foundational training for getting out into the backcountry safely + confidently.

After you’ve finished the online course, you can complete the AST 1 field day portion in Golden, Fernie, Kelowna, or Revelstoke. As always, field days classes are available as both co-ed + women’s only. We always run these classes in small groups with just a few of us out in the mountains, where physical distancing is easily done.


Our Avalanche Skills Training Level 2 course will be offered as a blended delivery this season. The online portion of the AST 2 will be released in fall 2020. 

After completing the online course we will meet either in person of via zoom to answer questions & discuss key topics of the online course. 

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Backcountry Refresher

Sharpen those skills and get ready for the pow season ahead with an online course + optional evening of all things backcountry!

There’s no better place to wait out a pandemic than in the mountains. If you want to sharpen your backcountry skills before you head out this season, consider taking our online Backcountry Refresher course before the snow falls!

Our online backcountry refresher is now available! 

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