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Online learning road blocks


Okay lets get real. We can tell you everything you need to know about snow but technology… oh my! We have tested our online course on the least tech savy old school ski bums we could find and wrote down a list of anticipated road blocks you may hit. 

Setting up your account


When you register for a course you will be email a link to set up your online account.
The link will take you to the page below. Fill out your information and click submit.
Wait until a green message appears below the button saying thank you for submitting this form.
Then click the login button to start your course.


online course

Login issues


Click login NOT take this course. The $95 is for students only taking the online course.
If you registered for the full course you will NOT be charged this.


online avalanche course

Enter your user name & password that you created when registering your account.

online avalanche course

Password reset


If you forget your password click the reset button. You will be emailed a link (likely in your junk or spam folder) with a new password.


stay wild online course

stay wild online course

Starting an online course


Click on the welcome button to start your course. If you click the course name it will ask you to login again…. don’t ask me why!


stay wild online course

Can't progress to the next lesson

Having issues moving on to the next lesson? Read below 🙂


 You  must click the green complete  button  before it  will  allow  you to move on to the next lesson.  This  includes  after  completing  a quiz  or  series  of  topics.  Try to go back to the last lesson if the green complete button is not highlighted.

online course


You need to watch the entire video in a lesson before it will highlight the green complete button and allow you to move on. Slide the toggle to the end if you don’t want to watch the whole video. Be sure you wait until the point that it is showing you recommendations for next videos to watch.


online course


Quiz issues

Having issues starting the quiz?


If you are unable to start a quiz try to empty your browsers history.

Follow the links below for instructions on how to do this.


Google chrome


I phone / I pad


Page not found

Click on a link and it says page not found


If the links and photos are sending you to page not found when you click on them try to refresh the lesson page and / or the link page. If it persists reach out to us and we will get on it! 


Happy online learning and please reach out to us if you have any other road blocks!