Shreducation Flow Chart

Wondering where to start?! There are so many great backcountry avalanche courses!

Check our our avalanche education flow chart to see where your training can take you!

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avalanche education flow chart

Women's specific courses

In a male-dominated industry, Stay Wild offers exclusive women's-only backcountry classes in addition to our co-ed avalanche courses & sled camps. As a female-led company, our instructors have been the only gal in the shred crew or avy safety course way too often. While we love the men that come out for our co-ed avalanche courses, there’s something magical about like-minded ladies learning together and having a killer day on the mountain.

Refresher Avalanche Courses

Refresh your skills & get those backcountry brain waves firing. We have avalanche course options from online only to an in person field day to get you ready for the shred season ahead!

Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 (AST 1) Courses

The Stay Wild team put their heads down and got creative in 2020. We had to come up with a way to offer our classroom sessions while keeping us safe from avalanches, virus’, murder hornets, and whatever else 2020 sent our way.

We’re stoked to offer the in-class portion of our Avalanche Skills Training level 1 (AST 1) course as a custom interactive online course! Learn from the comfort of your home and stay engaged with videos, quizzes and the odd bad joke thrown in here and there.

After you’ve finished the online avalanche course, you can complete the AST 1 field day portion in Golden, Fernie, Kimberley, Kelowna, or Revelstoke. As always, field days classes are available as both co-ed + women’s only.

Avalanche Skills Training Level 2 (AST 2) Courses

Take your avalanche training to the next level with the AST 2 course. Learn & improve your decision making, terrain management, route finding, snow pit & trip planning skills with this 4 day course.

Companion Rescue Training

The companion rescue one day course will take your avalanche rescue skills to the next level. We will practice a variety of scenarios and techniques to improve your search skills. Time is everything out there, be prepared and dialled in your rescue skills.

This is a great yearly refresher option for you & your crew.

Managing Avalanche Terrain

Our Managing Avalanche Terrain course focuses on improving your decision making, trip planning and route finding skills.

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