Shreducation Flow Chart

Wondering where to start?! There are so many great backcountry courses!

Check our our avalanche education flow chart to see where your training can take you!

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avalanche training flow chart

Backcountry Refresher

Refresh your skills and expand your avalanche knowledge with an evening of all things backcountry. We will dive into decision making, terrain management, companion rescue & more! Get in the snow mindset for the upcoming season.

Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 Courses

This beginner level course is a must have if you plan on heading into the backcountry. We will cover basic avalanche skills allowing you to travel safely in the backcountry & get you headed in the right direction to build your skill set & expand your knowledge.

Avalanche Skills Training Level 2 Courses

Take your training to the next step with the Avalanche Skills Training Level 2 course. Learn & improve your decision making, terrain management, route finding, snow pit & trip planning skills with this 4 day course.

Companion Rescue

The companion rescue one day course will take your avalanche rescue skills to the next level. We will practice a variety of scenarios and techniques to improve your search skills. Time is everything out there, be prepared for the worst case.

Managing Avalanche Terrain

Our Managing Avalanche Terrain course focuses on improving your decision making, trip planning and route finding skills.

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