Who are we?

Stay Wild was born out of a deep appreciation for the mountains and a desire to educate others to explore the backcountry safely & confidently.


After quitting her 9-to-5 eight years ago, our founder, Britt, began to spend as much time as possible in the backcountry each winter.


Constantly in pursuit of new zones to explore with her sled & splitboard, Britt is taught daily by the mountains about the complex factors that go into making decisions that respect both the human and environmental conditions of a ride.


Britt created Stay Wild to educate, inspire, and empower others to deepen their love and knowledge of the backcountry with practical skills & hands-on training.


In a male-dominated industry, Stay Wild offers exclusive women’s-only classes in addition to our co-ed camps. As a female-led company, our instructors have been the only female in the shred crew or avy safety course way too often. While we love the men that come out for our co-ed camps & our 2 token instructors, there’s something magical about like-minded ladies learning together and having a killer day on the mountain.


All of our camps and courses are highly immersive, welcoming, and meant for shredders & sledders at all stages and experience levels.


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Instructors / Coaches

Meet our team!



Owner, Lead Instructor, Lead Coach

Brittney is the founder and owner of Stay Wild Backcountry Skills. She grew up in the country just outside of Grand Forks, BC. With an original Whistler ski bum patroler as her dad she was on skis just after she learned to walk and traded the two planks for one when she was 7. Learning to ride on the little mountain of Phoenix and travelling to nearby resorts such as Red Mountain and Whitewater it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the mountains. Brittney found herself in Golden BC just over 9 years ago and hasn't looked back since. She had already been sledding for 5 years mainly in Revelstoke and quickly jumped into Splitboarding when she arrived. Spending 5-6 days a week in the mountains she has explored and knows the ins and outs of the zones around Golden. She has completed her Canadian Avalanche Association Level 2 Avalanche Operations, 90 hour wilderness first aid, Avalanche Search & Rescue Advanced Skills, Intro to Weather and is an active member of the CAA. With 12 years experience on a sled and 8 years on a splitboard she is full of tips and tricks to either get you started or to take your riding to the next level. She is passionate about teaching Avalanche Safety and spreading knowledge to others in the backcountry.



AST instructor - Golden

Jamie taught for us for 3 years & then left us for the corporate world. We were able to convince her after one season away that being an adult is overrated & she should come back to the ski everyday life! Jamie enjoys biking, skiing, dogs, beers,hiking, outdoors and telling her best jokes to students during courses. She has been living in Golden for 11 years. 5 of those years were spent patrolling at Kicking horse followed by 6 years tail guiding at Chatter Creek.<br /> Jamie completed her CAA level 2, is an active member of the CAA and is a paramedic for BC ambulance. She just bought a new to her sled and is so pumped to be joining the world of digging!! She is looking forward to a season full of skiing, snowboarding, sledding and teaching!!



AST instructor - Golden

Kat Beets, our resident Kiwi-Canadian, cut her teeth on the icy wind buffed slopes of the New Zealand Alps. The blow your hair back conditions definitely made her who she is today!</p> <p>Kat has 20+ years in the patrol game as a patrol leader and avalanche tech in NZ, California and the Rockies. She comes with a wealth of knowledge as deep as the Monashee snowpack and experience to boot. As a veritable snow connoisseur, she’s finally seen the light come to Golden where the snow doesn’t quit.</p> <p>Kat is one of the newest instructors to our roster, and she comes with a finger tight attitude. Tight but loose but tight. With that vibe, she brings a hell of a good time- and safe time- to our students.



Lead Instructor, Forecaster, OG token male

Alex is currently our token male, he is patient & creates a comfortable learning environment + he puts up with all us ladies! Alex has been patrolling at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort for 13 years and is a level 3 Pro Patroller. Growing up on the slopes of Fortress Mountain Resort and Fernie Alpine Resort Alex had no problem transitioning to the small town mountain life in Golden BC. Alex has a long list of qualifications and accomplishments including; CAA Level 2 Avalanche Operations, CAA professional member, Worksafe BC blaster used for avalanche control and NUOEC fist aid ticket. Alex has been teaching Sled AST’s for six years and ski AST’s for KHMR over the past 9 years. In the winter no matter what day of the week it is you can find Alex on his skis and / or sled enjoying the unique terrain and deep snow that surrounds us in Golden.



Office Admin Extraordinaire

During her first winter in Golden in 2019, Alice completed her AST1 with Stay Wild and has embraced touring as part of her winters ever since (yes, even the gruelling skin-track up). Considering she spent her childhood between Africa and Asia, the mere fact that she can tolerate a whole day outside in the depth of Canadian winter is an accomplishment in itself. She spends her days off snowboarding at Kicking Horse and in the backcountry in the winter and mountain biking and trail running in the summer. As you can imagine growing up in equatorial climates, Alice was a late bloomer to snowboarding. What she lacks in years of experience, she makes up in dad jokes and enthusiasm. Not to worry, though, because she's a freak in the spreadsheets, and that's about all that counts as Stay Wild's office administrator.



AST instructor - Kimberley

Mel worked on ski patrol at Kicking Horse for 7 seasons. She lived in Golden for 12 years and recently moved back to her hometown, Kimberley, B.C. Mel resides in Kimberley fulltime. She is an initial attack crew leader for the BC wildfire service in the summer. Mel is a professional member of the CAA, and has her professional level 2. She has taught AST courses in Golden and this will be her first season teaching with Stay Wild. She holds a valid NUEC 3 / OFA 3 first aid ticket. Mel also works for Golden Alpine Holidays in the winter. If she isn’t teaching or working at GAH, you’ll find Mel exploring the backcountry around Kimberley with her pup, Douglas Fur. She is stoked to be a part of this awesome team and can’t wait to get out in the backcountry and share her local knowledge around Kimberley/Cranbrook.



AST Instructor - Fernie & Castle Mountain

Madeline grew up in the States before moving to British Columbia to study at Quest University in Squamish. There she studied Earth Science, volunteered as an avalanche educator for the outdoor club, and deeply enjoyed exploring the Coast Mountains on her skis. Her on-snow career began in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where she spent 5 seasons working as a ski instructor. She is starting her fourth season on patrol at Castle Mountain Resort in Southern Alberta and is taking her Operations Level 2 with the Canadian Avalanche Association this winter. She spends her summers guiding 6-day wilderness river trips in Central Idaho on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon. Driven by nights spent under the stars, deep personal connections formed in natural settings, skiing pow, and getting up high in the mountains, she feels grateful to work year round in these environments. She wholeheartedly believes in place-based education as a tool to facilitate relatedness to our mountainous environments and belonging to and in those spaces.



AST instructor - Big White

Janja's roots go back to Slovenia, a country on the sunny side of the Alps. It's where her love for sports and outdoors started. Back home she completed a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. She has been skiing since she was 4 years old and immigrated to Canada in 2015. Since then she has been working in the ski resort industry in multiple positions such as ski instructor, Nordic instructor and snowshoe guide. Currently she works as a ski patroller at Big White Resort. Janja completed her CAA Level 1 and has been working with the avalanche safety industry where she hopes to advance further.



Assistant instructor - Big White

As a kid born and raised in The Bahamas, the only connection I had to skiing was through the t.v. When I was 10 I first came to British Columbia and immediately fell in love. I would continue to visit every summer for a number of years until I moved here when I was 20. I’ve always been surrounded by water my entire life, so being in B.C. I traded wet for cold and learned how to ski. I’ve been working on ski hills since then as a ski instructor, lift maintenance and ski patrol. And funding my winter life as a tree planter in the summers. I currently work at Big White as a full time ski patrol and avalanche technician on the control team. I have a CAA level 1, OFA3 and hope to become a ski guide some day.



AST instructor - Big White

Born in December in the middle of a snow storm, you can say Sara has always been in love with snow. She got her start in the Ski industry as a Ski Instructor more than 20 years ago. Sara moved into patrol in 2003 and loved the duality of mountain and medical and became a Paramedic in 2005. After a healthy career in ski patrol Sara took a leap into mechanized ski guiding, guiding at both Snow Cat and Helicopter Operations. Sara is a natural student and teacher, finding joy and fulfilment when learning new skills and then passing that knowledge on to people who desire to learn. Sara began her avalanche career in an AST 1 just like the course you’re about to take. More than 10 years later Sara is a CAA level 2 and bursting at the seams with knowledge just waiting be to be passed on.



AST instructor - Revelstoke

Matt grew up in Ontario and honed his skiing abilities on the ice and moguls of eastern ski hills. A search for bigger mountains and deeper snow led him to BC in 2009. Summer work with the BC Wildfire Service allowed Matt to have the flexibility to take winters off to ski and travel. He’s been fortunate enough to ski in many different places around the world including Japan, Kashmir, the Alps, Morocco and the US. In recent years Matt started pursuing ski guiding as a career and has worked and volunteered at different ski touring lodges around BC. This winter he’ll be completing the ACMG ski guide training program and tail guiding at Selkirk Tangiers Heli skiing. He’s excited to share his experience and knowledge and help get you started on your journey into the backcountry!



AST instructor - Revelstoke

Originally from The States, Zoe made the move North 7 years ago and hasn’t looked back. She currently calls Revelstoke, BC home. She has been working in the guiding industry since 2016 spending most of her time between CMH Heli-Skiing and Icefall Lodge. She is an apprentice ski guide through the ACMG, has completed her Level 2 Avalanche Operations with the CAA, and her 80 hour Wilderness First Responder. In her free time, you will find Zoe in the mountains skiing or climbing or hanging with her son, Rylan. She is stoked to share her knowledge and help more people explore the backcountry.



AST Instructor - Squamish & Revy

Sofia is originally from Sweden and moved to Canada 9 years ago to pursue a ski career in the mountains. She's been working at backcountry lodges guiding in the summer and winters, ski patrolling and ski coaching since then and is currently going through the guiding program to become an ACMG apprentice ski guide. You'll rarely find her in Revelstoke where she ``lives``, or at valley bottom at all for that matter. If you do, ask her about biking or Taylor Swift and you might get her to stick around for a hot minute or two. Sofia is STOKED to give back to the community and help other people enjoy the outdoors in an educated way.

Why It's Important

Avalanche Skills Training

Whether you’re new to the backcountry, looking to gain more knowledge or simply refresh your skills, Avalanche Training is an essential part of your tool kit. When in the backcountry you are surrounded by numerous hazards and need to have an understanding of how to explore and enjoy the backcountry while giving it the respect it deserves. Being able to make knowledgeable decisions in the backcountry as well as learning to use your rescue equipment properly and efficiently is a big piece of the puzzle. From refresher courses to AST 2’s we have got a course to meet your skill level and needs no matter what end of the spectrum you are on.

Ladies Sled Camps

Alright let’s face it, most men can get away with ‘muscling’ their way through learning a new sport especially sledding. Typically women can’t go with the strong arm my way through this situation approach. Learning the appropriate technique will make a world of difference for the lady sledders out there and help you build your independence and confidence in the backcountry. The bonus? You get to learn all these new skills with a crew of rad like minded ladies!